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Following the success of Rue Madame, Ariane Zagury, the Hong Kong based French fashion entrepreneur and style maven expanded her brand portfolio to a new concept – Clémence by rue Madame. The latest addition to the Rue Madame Fashion Group is named after Ariane’s middle name, which is also shared with her mother and two daughters. Ariane chose the name for her new project because she thought, “If three generations of my family share the same middle name, why can’t they all share the same attitude, way of life and style together?”

The name Clémence encompasses the essences of the brand: a celebration of Parisienne style, a forever young and strong spirit, a beautiful soul that defies time, a brand designed by women for women; for the right place at the right moment. A constant flow of new designs on a weekly basis brings freshness and newness to the modern women’s wardrobe. Clémence creates a non-stop stream of mini trends that are relevant yet timeless.

The Clémence woman is no typical “Parisienne”. In fact, she thinks the conventional definition of a Parisienne is too cliché. She is a Parisienne at heart and has that certain “je ne sais quoi”, feminine and feminist; sensual and sensible; intuitive and intelligent. She appreciates beauty and aesthetics. Fashion is a medium to express her unique personality and enrich her multifaceted life. She always finds joie de vivre in her daily life. Clémence is your trusted girlfriend whom you love hanging out with for fashion advice.